Grasshopper – Parametric Modeling 2

Exercise: Define “Stool 60 by Alva Aalto” | hint / answer file

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 13.52.22

Stool 60 by Alva Aalto


  • Curve frames: make the planes along the curve {C} on {N} segments
  • Extrude: extrude {C} to the direction of {D}
  • Cap: cap hole of Brep {B}
  • Deconstruct plane: Break {P} down to make an origin point and vectors of each coordinate
  • Move: move object {G} to the direction of {T}
  • List item: get {i}th item in the list {L}
  • Rectangle: draw a rectangle on the plane of {P} in the range of {X} as X direction and {Y} as Y direction
  • Polyline: draw polyline through the list of points {V}
  • Fillet: fillet all the corners on polyline {P}
  • Sweep 1: sweep {S} along {R} to make a sweep surface
  • Orient: move the object {G} from the plane {A} to the plane {B}