Grasshopper – Basic Modeling



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Intelligent Menu

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Component Aligning

1. Intelligent Menu

Intelligent Menu provide you a sort of menu around your mouse cursor. You can get Intelligent Menu by pushing “Space” key.

2. Component Aligning

You can align components by:

  1. Select components to align
  2. Click aligning button shown around bounding box
  3. Left / center / right button to align left / center / right
  4. Top button to distribute the components in equal intervals

Modeling Exercises | sample file


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  • Construct point: make a point at {X,Y,Z}
  • Circle: make a circle at {P} with radius {R}
  • Shift: shift data order {S} times
  • Line: draw a line from {A} to {B}
  • Pipe: make a pipe along {C} with radius {R}

Surface Subdivision

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 16.28.46Components
  • DivideSurface: divide a surface {U} by {V}
  • Multiplication: multiply {A} and {B}
  • CircleCNR: draw a circle at {C} with {N} as an axis, {R} as radius
  • Extrude: extrude {B} toward the direction {D}

Attractor Point

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 16.28.10Components
  • RectangularArray: make an array of {G} with {C} as displacement, {X,Y} as an amount
  • Disntance: measure an distance between {A} and {B}
  • Bounds: find a domain of the values in the list {N}
  • ConstructDomain: make a domain of number from {A} to {B}
  • Remap: remap {V} in the domain {S} into {T}