Rhinoceros | 3D Scan


  1. 3D Scan|example file
    1. 123D Catch
    2. Filling holes with Meshmixer
  2. Mesh models|example file
    1. File export / import
    2. Boolean operations with Meshmixer
  3. Fabrication
    1. 123D Make
  4. Exercise
    1. Mission
    2. References

3D Scan

123D Catch

Filling holes with Meshmixer

Export mesh files

123D Catch

  1. On 123D Catch, File -> Export capture as…
  2. Go”Export Scene As” to save files with “Filetype” OBJ


Mesh models

File import / export

  1. On Rhinoceros, File -> Import…
  2. Select OBJ file then open
  3. Confirm OBJ Import Options and press “OK” . (Because 123D Catch has different coordination system with Rhinoceros, check “Map OBJ Y to Rhino Z”)
  1. Select files to export
  2. File -> Export Selected…
  3. Select OBJ(*.obj) as filetype and type filename then type Enter
  4. On “OBJ Export Options” ,check “Save object as が Polygon mesh” then Export

Boolean operation with Meshmixer


123D Make



Form Diversion

Find objects that has chair-ish form and edit its shape to make it work effectively as chair.

  1. The size of object doesn’t mater. You can scale it with any factor.
  2. The size of chair as result is up to you, but it’s desirable that the size is not too small / large from the ordinary size of chairs (300mm *300mm * 400mm) .
  3. Which objects to scan is totally up to you, but it’s desirable that the size / texture of the object is suitable to scan.